Lee is the founder of Vision Eternity Ministries, and teacher of God’s Word.

Lee has spent the last twenty-seven years of her life getting to know God as a Person, rather than someone she had in the past called on when she was in a crisis.  When Lee took time to know God and His way of doing— when she changed her life to live His way, that very action empowered her to live in His good and perfect will.  Lee’s zeal for life comes from her love relationship with God and the ministry He gave her to prove to others what she experiences everyday with Him —His goodness.   

Lee calls God her Hero because He has always been there for her, many times even before she has called out to Him. Lee is grateful to God for His faithfulness in her life and that faithfulness keeps her determined to prove His goodness and His love for His children.

When God called Lee into ministry He instructed her to use her middle name, Lee —which means sheltered from the storm. Faithful as He is, it is apparent that He had already had a plan to shelter Lee from the storms that will come against her as she endeavors in her mission to prove — is good.  

Lee is committed to be of service to you in any way she can.  She wants you to know God is in love with you and wants only good for you. Lee is excited to share her experiences with you to encourage you in your quest to know God. 


Trent is committed to serve God in all that God has asked of Him.  Trent’s passionate and gifted in music and knows that God has a plans for him to minister in music.  Trent's current projects are being a part of a electronic music project under the name, Beliraslova and for a variety of other things apart from Vision Eternity Ministries.

Trent is the Web designer, the editor, and of course the creator of any music you hear on Vision Eternity website.  

Trent plays guitar and piano and does some live worship music periodically, as well as in a bi-monthly Bible meeting.

Trent is trained in living by the principals of the Kingdom of God and has experienced many healing miracles, as well as other wonderful miracles from God.  

Trent is committed to God and is ready to do all God would call Him to do in service to Him.