Condition to be a reader of the materials on this website.

This website is designed by Lee Klein and Trent Klein to provide you with as much information about God as possible.  It is designed to help you to know God and come closer to God.  

In all of Lee’s teachings she uses her own personal knowledge of God, and her real life experiences to help you as much as possible. 

Although Lee is excited to help you in anyway that she can, she cannot take responsibility for misunderstandings that may come about from her teachings.

Many times misunderstandings can lead to some serious problems, thus this disclaimer is being written to safe guard Lee Klein and Trent Klein  from all responsibilities of materials given to the reader.  Therefore how you as the reader interpret Lee’s teachings is your responsibility…  Again her intention is to lead you to a personal relationship with God and help you to grow closer to Him.

Lee doesn’t claim to be a doctor, nor a nutritionist, but a messenger of God, thus revealing the heart of God to her readers, sharing what she believes God has put on heart to share.