God has been faithful to my frantic prayer of late, which has been to keep me on the narrow path, staying ready for His return.  Having had God reveal to me it doesn’t take much to be off the path and rejected, I have been faithfully seeking to stay on that path which has made it a journey that has been consuming me.  

Luke 16:10 He who is faithful in a very little [thing] is faithful also in much, and he who is dishonest and unjust in a very little [thing] is dishonest and unjust also in much.

The revelation God is giving me is staying on the path is being faithful to Him. Being who we say we are, “Christians” so then being like Him.  Being faithful to be His friend, to care about what He cares about, to go for Him and do that assignment He is giving us to do - for Him, because we care about His children, because He does.

It is not that easy to be so concerned with those we don’t know unless we know and love God, and then God reveals His love for all of His children to us causing us to love who He loves.  

A lot of times my assignment can be difficult to stay motivated.   My assignment right now is to give God’s warning that He is coming and we're not ready for His return, and then the how to be ready messages. I don’t get much response because my message is an “I don’t want to hear that” kind of message.  In going to God in my discouragement I witness His emotions of dread, His pain of already knowing many, many won’t hear.  

His correction is His warning that many will perish but many are too proud to hear, don’t have time to hear, or just won’t hear what He is saying!  That is why I am calling out to you today for Him, to please hear His heart, hear what He is saying; it is for your good, He is in love with you.  

Of course God asks me to keep trying anyway because it saddens Him that any should perish; He wants all of His children to have had the chance to have made a clear choice for their eternal decision.  He wants clarity, revelation knowledge, and His love - to sweep the earth before His return so all will have had the opportunity to choose Him.

Yes He has been slow in coming. Because He is looking for workers to make an impression for Him - because it is not His will that one should perish.  That is where we come in by doing our part by being faithful to Him, to care about what He cares about enough to lay down our lives and pick up where Jesus left off and do that greater work - Love!

Each morning I wake up I feel His urgency in the message He is giving to me, for me and to give to you; to be ready for His return.  Today He is saying we are to be faithful to Him to care about Him and what is a burden to His heart.  To be apart of Him, to know Him, which is the only way we can be faithful to Him.  

Thus if you don’t take that initiative you will be in a religious mindset living deceived - thinking you are right with God and really you are not.

What is it we need to be faithful in?  Everything... and to sum up everything, love (Galatians 5:14). If we love, love as He describes we have the whole law covered. That love entails loving God enough to care about what He cares about, and that of course takes a commitment to know Him and then of course when we know Him we will fall in love with Him. Anyone you love, you are involved with and care about what they care about.  As we discover more of who God is and receive His love, He asks that we love that other person, that we care more about the others than ourselves.  

That kind of love is recorded all over the Word, when we love we will give of ourselves in every part of life.  We put aside our wants and even our needs and give to others of their needs and then trust that God will provide for ours because we loved.

Reading the message Jesus gave in Luke (Luke16:19-31) about the rich man who had no compassion for a poor man is an example Jesus was giving to us to know the seriousness of not practicing His law, not caring about what God cares about.

Let me sum it up for you and please let it convict you and change you. Ask God for correction because that correction will help you to know Him and keep you on that narrow path abiding in Him.

There was a destitute man reduced to begging and covered in sores named Lazarus who sat at the rich man's door and decided to be satisfied to eat the crumbs from the rich man's table. Jesus describes the rich man as one who clothed himself in purple and fine linen.  He took good care of himself, but he didn’t take care of a need right before him, (he didn't love) obviously he didn’t care for the poor man, more than he cared for himself. 

They both died about the same time. Lazarus was taken by angels to Abraham’s bosom and the rich man was buried and then taken to the realm of the dead where he suffered in torment.  

The rich man lifted up his eyes and saw Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom and cried out to Abraham begging him for mercy and to send Lazarus to dip his finger in the water to cool his tongue.  Abraham reminded him of his life on the earth and how he was receiving what was due to him.  Then the man asked that he would at least send Lazarus to warn his brothers, that they be made aware of the place of torment and thinking they would believe if they witnessed a dead man come to life.  Abraham’s response was simple.  He said if they won’t believe Moses and the Prophets they won’t believe someone who was raised from the dead.

It is that simple, if we believe we will take that time to know God and be faithful to Him, if we don’t choose to believe, not even a dead man coming back to life will change our minds.  It is a choice and a choice of commitment to God, to be His friend and care about what He cares about.

He has taken care of us and been faithful to us and now it is time for us to care back, to be faithful to Him in one of His hardest times!