What if all your dreams could come true?  What if you could have complete happiness and joy, all of your desires, and all the things you are dreaming of, just from knowing and trusting in one person?  What if one person cared for you and had already planned to give you everything you needed to make all of your dreams come true? 

There is such a person and that person is God.  He wants only good for you and can make all your dreams come true.  He is wonderful and His hearts desire is for you to be happy.  God wants more happiness for you than you know. God wants to melt your troubles like lemon drops.  

The only problem is God can’t do that unless you want Him to.  He made us a promise that requires us to choose what we want. Therefore, if you want God to give you the life He dreams of for you, you have to adopt His lifestyle because that is where your dream life is--in His Kingdom. 

Living somewhere over the rainbow is a lifestyle that is already in place for you that has every good thing already in it.  God has the perfect life planned just for you, with all your likes and all your dreams just waiting for you to enjoy.  Your dream is His plan for you; His dream come true is your happiness and your dreams coming into reality.  


If you didn’t know--God made you in His image, which is why you have the same tendencies He does.  That is why you are searching for happiness somewhere other than, in your own backyard.  God wants happiness for you and has put the same desires He has inside of Him--in you.  For that reason, to want happiness is a natural tendency for you to have.

Also like God, we have favorite colors, which His favorites are obviously blue and green.  Like God, we love to feel wanted and He must too or He wouldn’t have created so many kids.  Like God, we have a need to be happy and He does too, or He wouldn’t have created so much good.  You can tell by His Word that God has a need, or should I say He feels a responsibility as our Father to take care of our needs.  You can notice He strives to do good for us, the same as we strive to do good for our children.  Can you see how we are so much like our Father?  Why wouldn’t we be?  We are created in His image, so it would be natural that we would be like Him. 


If He could start over again, I wonder if He would do anything different.  Maybe He has started over once or twice, and plans to again. What about you--do you want to start over?  Do you want the original life God intended for you right on the other side of the rainbow where all your dreams can come true?  A life with no debt, a life of having increase that isn’t gone before you get it.  Having purpose and pleasure in your days, good relationships, and everyday a good day?  In addition, wouldn’t you want a good life that extends to eternal life after this life?

You can have all that!  All you have to do is be willing to put Him first, love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.   In other words, make God number one in your life.  Making God number one makes Him the boss of your life.  But don’t worry, God is a good boss and has only good laws that will better the life you live now.  The law that is a huge deal to Him is LOVE.  Love is His gigantic law, the most important to Him and He will move on your behalf if you are willing to keep His law of love.


1John 4:8 He who does not love has not become acquainted with God [does not and never did know Him], for God is love.

God is love, and His Kingdom revolves around love. Hence, it makes perfect sense that love would be a Kingdom requirement.  Since your dream exists in His Kingdom, you then have to be willing to live in love to be a resident in His Kingdom.  Not a hard requirement, it’s not too costly to put all your energy into loving others, only to be rewarded with a good life.  That means the condition of your arrangement with God is to live by love. 

Your commitment is not met by your efforts to love, but your decision to love.  You can only love as God loves when you have experienced His love by being in a relationship with Him.  That closeness between you and Him empowers you to love.  Your friendship with Him is what empowers you to love Him, and love like Him.  

If you haven’t committed to a relationship with Him yet, all you have to do is know that God gave His Son so you could be right with Him and have your sins forgiven--which allows you to live in oneness with Him.  If you believe that Jesus suffered, and gave His life for you, all you have to do is receive that by thanking Him--thank God for giving His Son for you so that you could live in oneness with Him and have eternal life.  Then, ask Him to be your Lord and teach you to live your life His way, committing to be willing to do all He would ask of you.

Then in every situation stick with your commitment to love, just as He loves you.  When you need help He is there to help you, all you have to do is ask Him. That is what makes it so simple; He empowers you to do whatever He asks you to do.  You are never doing anything alone; He will always be there for you.  He is committed to you, to help you, to love you, and take care of you.

The dream life God wants for you, has nothing to do with borrowing money.  The dream life God has for you is not to live from one paycheck to another, besides doing what you hate all day long just to survive.  God does not want you stressing out from working more than one job, just to make it.  That is not a good life and is not God‘s dream for you.

Anything that makes you angry, frustrated, or causes you to feel worn out, is not what God intended for you.  God is Love and has love in mind for you.  He only wants good for you and has gone through a lot of trouble to get good to you.  


John 10:10 The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).

Jesus is teaching us here the clear difference between God and the enemy.  The revelation that we need to know is the good we live comes from having the knowledge that we can live good.  Jesus is clearly saying good is the way of the Father.  He came to show us the Father and that is exactly what He is doing--confirming to us that God is good and God wants a good life for us.

Jesus lived good when He was here, His natural way of living was that of more than enough, and that is what He wants for us.  He said His intention in coming was so that we could have and enjoy life--that our life would be complete (full), in great amounts, and until it overflows.  

God wants you to be happy and that is why you have a need to be happy--because we are made in His image.  That is why we have His traits, thoughts, and feelings, because we were made in His image.  God designed us to want good things, to want to be happy, and He has a plan for a happy life for us.  God created each of us with a dream, which is deep down inside of us just waiting to be birthed.  If that dream lays dormant then we won’t be happy.  Unhappiness is destructive and will cause us to do things we wouldn’t do if we knew and lived in the dream life God planned for us.  

Like borrowing for instance, we borrow money for short-term happiness because we don’t know any other way. We don’t want to borrow money and not be able to pay it back, but in desperation, we do things that turn out to be destructive.  Without having the surety of God in our lives and His plans for us to make all of our dreams come true, we do the best we can on our own, then hope and pray it all turns out.

If you knew God’s plan for you was perfect, you wouldn’t be making plans without Him and then blaming Him when your plan didn’t work out.  We need to know that God wouldn’t bless a less than perfect plan.  He loves you and has planned a perfect wonderful life for you. His intention for you is good, and He wants you to know that.  

Just as you do the best you can for your children, God wants to do His best for you.  He doesn’t want to give you a used car, when a new one would be better--God has more for you than you expect.  God has set His sights higher for you than you have thought of on your own.  He sees more in you than you can see by yourself and wants to do great things in you and for you.  God wants to help you get out of debt, out of the place He hadn’t designed for you to live, and get you to the good place He did intend for you.


God has a dream hidden on the inside of you and when you change your focus, looking to Him, He will show you that dream and how He intended you to live in it.  You will see a completely new picture of yourself, dreaming a dream bigger than you had ever imagined by yourself.  You will see yourself as God created you through His eyes, as you never have before. 

The dream God has for you will be different from the one you had.  It is a much better dream than you had for yourself, only God knows how wonderful it is, because He is the one who put it on the inside of you.  

Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams].

God’s plan for you is so wonderful that you will feel as though you are living a make-believe life.  To live life that happy is an unimaginable life--living like you are in heaven on the earth.  It is true, God has the somewhere over the rainbow, way up high dream life just waiting for you to live, right here and now.