God Wants You!


Did You Know God is in love with you and that makes Him jealous for you?  He is. You are His and He wants you to want Him as much as He does you.  He wants you to depend upon Him, look to Him to be there for you, to spend time with Him, and He wants to be able to know you are there for Him and that He can depend on you.

Exodus 34:14 For you shall worship no other god; for the Lord, Whose name is Jealous, is a jealous (impassioned) God.

Look at that word in the text we just read; impassioned.  Impassioned means, emotional. God is an emotional God!   He is like us, actually we are like Him, He is jealous for us as we are for our children. 

Think of your children and how much you love them.  What if they would turn from you to another for their needs?  What if they wanted someone or something more then you? What if they didn’t give you the time of day?  I think you would be hurt and you would be jealous but still, that wouldn’t stop you from loving them - they are your children.

God hasn’t stopped loving us and at any time we can repent and turn back to Him and give Him the honor He deserves.    Give Him our time and commit to be there for Him, as He is us.