His Way Of Doing And Being Right

His Way of Doing and Being Right



If you have struggles in your life, if your relationship with God is limited, if you can’t hear Him, or you’re confused as to why He doesn’t answer your prayers the way you think He should - check your way of doing.

Matthew 6:33 But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things [taken together will be given you besides.

When my son was born, God promised me that I would see my son healed. When that healing didn’t happen when and how I thought it should, I asked God why. God’s response was a direction, He told me I had to change my life to live it His way and then not only would my son would be healed, but I would live in all of His blessings.

I had no idea I was so far off the path until God spoke this to me.  My way of doing and His ways, did not match up in most areas of my life.  I had a lot of adjustments to make.  As I started seeking God’s way and making those adjustments, sure enough, what I needed started being added unto me.  

God said. “When you live your life My way, you will not only see your son healed, but you will have all good in your life.  All you need and besides will be added to you“.  

I later realized He said that because when we live His way, we are living in His Kingdom, rather than like the world.  Jesus said we should pray that His Kingdom come here on the earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:11).  Therefore as we start living God’s way we will be living in His Kingdom, right here on the earth.

That is how Jesus lived when He was here.  He didn’t conform to our way of living; He lived like life is lived in heaven and what He asked the Father, the Father did for Him.

Knowing God’s ways and living them out, is in opposition to the worlds way of doing.  Living God’s way is taking the narrow path, the path that comes with pressure from the enemy, to try and get us to quit and give up. The narrow path will take being committed to God and His ways, but will be the path that will bring all good in our lives. 

The wide path is living the world’s way depending upon ourselves, not God.  Depending upon ourselves seems easier than living by faith because there is a sense of security in doing things the way everyone else is, but it is a false security.  Walking down that wide path may seem like the way, but will bring destruction to us, along with being separated from God. 

Matthew 7:13 Enter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it. 14 But the gate is narrow (contracted by pressure) and the way is straitened and compressed that leads away to life, and few are those who find it.

Living God’s way takes energy, commitment, and it takes time to learn, but it is to be treasured.  God’s way leads to fulfillment, peace, and joy, not to mention forever, everlasting life with Him.  That’s why the enemy puts the pressure on when you take that narrow path. He wants to steal God from you, he wants to steal good, and your eternal life with God from you.  

The good news is he can’t control you unless you let him.  James 4:7 says when we submit to God, the enemy will flee.  

Asking God to help you will empower you to withstand the pressure the enemy tries to control you with. God is on your side and when you submit to His way, He will not only empower you with His strength, but with His wisdom.

Getting to know God will make your relationship with God your security.  Knowing God and His way takes time, but is vital to living His way. Knowing God is always the resolve to every encounter we have in life.  We cannot do anything unless we have endeavored to know Him.  We cannot do anything without Him.  His wisdom and His power is what we need to win anything that comes against us in life. 

God is a real person and as with any relationship, it will take time and a commitment to know Him.  But unlike any other relationship, our relationship with God is eternal and is a relationship with the One who loves us more than any other. 

God only has good in mind for you, but you have to turn to Him, He will not force Himself on you.

When we know God, His way is actually easier because we know we have someone we can depend on. Knowing God is in love with me and I can count on Him to take care of me and to lead in righteousness, is the way I want to live.  I love the security of knowing God will always be there for me and I can depend on Him.  I love that I don’t have to depend on myself but that He will always be leading me in what is good.  

God knows us and what makes us happy, thus He has prearranged a good life for us to live. When we walk that path God has for us we will have all we need added to us. We will live life with purpose and be involved in God’s quest to get His truth proclaimed on the earth.  When we live as God designed we will live the good life He promises (Ephesians 2:10).

We are on God’s mind all the time, He is in love with us and He wants us to know His way is our answer.  He is the way, the truth, and the life, and it starts here and now with getting to know Him.

His way far exceeds the way of the world and we can’t begin to walk in the heaven kind of life without Him.  If we don’t seek His way of doing, we will live in defeat, in deception, and be separated from Him.

John 1:1 tells us God is His Word, so when we get to know His Word, we will begin to know Him. As we attend to the Word of God, He will reveal Himself to us (John 14:21).

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