True Riches For Christmas

James1:9 Let the brother in humble circumstances glory in his elevation [as a Christian, called to the true riches and to be an heir of God],

Being right with God is the richest place to be and a place of living in certainty. Many are dependent upon themselves and what they think they know, having no idea that their accomplishments are in the way of the true riches God wants to give to them.

When money, things, and opinions come before God, it is not an elevated place to live, but living in a place of false hope. You can call yourself a Christian and still live way beneath the privileges God has in mind for you by not relying on Him. Even though relying on God is what faith is, is what being a Christian is all about, many live independent-separated from God and His opinion.

Besides true riches being more than money and things; but peace of mind, health, healing, having God’s wisdom, relationship with the most High, right standing with Him, love, eternal life, and all the in between - who would want anything more than Him?

No one, but the reason many seek other things is that they don’t have the revelation that God is in love with them, that He is all they need, and He will supply all of their needs. When we have Him, we have it all. He will be and wants to be everything we need but, that can only happen when we rely on Him.

When we depend on God we learn what we thought we needed we really don’t. And what we needed, we didn’t know we needed. God knows more, and He is more than we can ask or think.

God is all we need and He is what Christmas is all about!