John 15:7 If you live in Me [abide vitally united to Me] and My words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you. AMPC

Jesus is talking about agreement, if we are in agreement with Him, then we can ask whatever we want and it will be done for us.

Have you ever wondered why the things you have asked haven't been done for you?  If so here is your answer; you are not abiding, you are not agreement with Jesus.

Just the same is if we do abide the opposite is true, if we are not in agreement, if we don't abide, if we don't live in Him and His Words don’t remain in us, then we can’t ask whatever we will and have it done for us.

Many times without realizing it we ask, but we’re not in agreement with Him because we are not doing His will. For example if we are asking for healing but we are not in agreement with the Word that says by His stripes we were healed, then we won't receive our healing.

In other words if we confess sickness rather than healing we are not in agreement with healing but sickness,which then makes us not in agreement with Jesus, His Word is not abiding in us.

It is a pretty simple concept but we miss is because we are not in agreement with Him.  We might say we believe it, but if we talk opposed to the Word, and act opposed to the Word then we’re not in agreement.

We might say we abide and we live in Him and He in us, but, if we hardly have any communication with Him we won’t even know if we are in agreement with Him. Being in agreement with Jesus, and abiding with Him has to involve communication with Him.

Like getting up everyday and saying, “good morning Lord, what is on Your mind today?  What is it Lord that I may be missing, what is it Lord I need to be thinking to be in agreement with You?  Is there anything You want to say to me today”?

If we are going to abide, if we are going to have His Word in us then we need to know what He is thinking and then agree to think what He thinks. That would be being in agreement with Him.

If someone would ask me what I think about abortion for example, my answer should be in agreement with what God thinks of abortion.  My opinion should be His opinion.  If I am not sure of His opinion, then I need to find out what His opinion is so I can be in agreement with Him.

If I am believing God for healing and my healing isn't manifesting, then I have to be out of sorts with Him somewhere.  I must not be agreeing with Him in some area.  James tells us if we have broken one law, we break all of the law (James 2:10).  Therefore if we’re are not in agreement with Him in even one area, that will keep our healing from manifesting.  

So how do we know where we might be in disagreement with God and how to get in full agreement with Him? Ask Him where we have disharmony with Him and He will tell us.

We have to be in total agreement with Him, to be in agreement with Him. The only way to know if we are or where we might be missing it is to ask Him.  James 1:5 says if we lack wisdom we can go to the giving God who gives to all liberally without fault finding.  God will help you to get in agreement with Him, if you ask Him.

James 1:5 If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of [b]the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him. AMPC

May I encourage you today to get in agreement with Him so that you can not only know Him and receive Him, but also represent Him! So that you can show in your life by your agreement with God how wonderful He is

John 15:8 When you bear (produce) much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified, and you show and prove yourselves to be true followers of Mine. AMPC