You Don't Believe Me

One day, God said this to me, “You don’t believe Me.”  Of course I felt awful because I knew His feelings were hurt, but at the same time I felt encouraged as I always do when He talks to me, especially when He shares His feelings with me.  

He was right, my faith had dwindled in this life-long adventure I was on. It just seemed too long.  Even though He and I knew I was the unfaithful one, He loved me and gave me what I needed.   He knew I needed to hear Him and get His perspective so I could go on again.

It had been a dull—not much happening season; and because of not much happening I didn’t have the hope I had before.  I had become weak and faint, unresponsive even to His voice from the Word. I was focused on my circumstance instead of the Word, the promise—which is what caused my weakness.

Even as I looked at the Word it didn’t move me as much as before.  It was seeming like just words on a page instead of Words that came alive.

God knows exactly what to say to us and at the exact right time.  By Him saying those exact Words that I needed to hear, at the exact right time, I was excited again.  Him sharing His emotions with me, and hearing Him speak to me encourage me to press in to believe again.  

I love when God shows me His feelings—who He is. I need to know what He is thinking, that is so very important to me because when I know where He stands then I know where I stand.  

Now the Words on the pages of His Word once again became alive.  I realized I lacked understanding and the revelation of His time frame of doing things.  I knew He was saying to me once again, “I have a plan, I know the plan and it’s a good plan.  Don’t loose faith in Me and while you wait, serve.”  

Do you know what waiting is in God’s eyes?  It is serving and serving is faith.  It's acting like you already have what you need and then giving to the needs of others.  It is not considering your circumstance and waiting for things to change, but considering the promise and act like your circumstances already changed!    

God is asking that we care about what He cares about even in the midst of our circumstances.  He is asking that we care to the place where we will partake in His work and have faith that while we do our act of caring for what God cares about, God will act on behalf, taking care of our care.

We need to know God and how God feels. Knowing the other person and what their values are, is really what a relationship is. God knows us already but we have to take the time to know Him and what is important to Him.  God is looking for those who would care about what He cares about, someone to love Him for who He is just as He loves us as we are.

When we’re connected with God He can encourage us in which ever way we need. In our relationship with God we can be encouraged in His wisdom, know that He has a plan, and be empowered to do what we can't without Him.  God will not only tell us things to come but He will tell us what we need to do to partake in those things He is bringing about.

I know this Word isn’t just for me, but for you as well.  God is encouraging us not to give up on Him, as well as letting us know how He feels.  He is grieved that we have lost hope and our ears have become dull of hearing.  Because God is in love with us though, He is faithful and is encouraging us by saying the promise still stands, and that He is faithful to bring His Word about.  

He is watching to perform His Word

Jeremiah 1:12 Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over My word to perform it

But here is the thing, are we speaking His Word?  Are we calling those things to be not as though they were, or are we saying what we see?  God is active and alert ready to perform His Word, His promise to us. Our part— we have to be alert to be about His Word as well.  We have to not only meditate on His Word, but say His Word, and act on His Word as He does—as one would do if they believed. 

A time back when I was teaching my son to call those things to be not as though they were, he complained and as he was complaining, I became weary and feeling condemned.  Right then God encouraged me. Just when I needed Him, He showed up and said “Tell him to stop saying what is!”  God was endorsing His Word, of calling those things to be not as though they were.  I was so excited to tell my son what God said, and it helped me to keep believing.  And, just for the record that act of calling it healed, got him healed just a short time after that day.  My son started saying what he wanted instead of what was and he eventually got what he said!

If we believe God, then we will do what He said we could do, do as He does, live in His likeness and imitate Him. 

We need God’s encouragement and do you know He needs ours? He needs us to believe in Him as much as He believes in us.  He does, He was very clear in showing me His grief while telling me I didn’t believe Him. God is love and He gives love and He needs love. 

When God showed me I didn't believe Him, I had no reason to doubt.  I just forgot He already showed me the plan. I let it dissipate, I stopped giving it attention, and I stopped speaking His Words.  He was, and is still faithful to His Word.  When things are not working it is never God it is us.  I became distracted and let worries in, I was the one who considered my circumstance and let the promise slip, He didn’t.

I want to tell you about a video I watched yesterday.   A mom duck as she journeyed, climbed about three big steps that apparently were going to lead her to her destination. She had a least twelve little ones following her.  They were having a hard time getting up those steps, but she waited.  As she waited she paced back and forth at the top of the step.  Time passed but she continued to wait, and with her pace of seemed to be faith, it was clear that she wasn’t going anywhere until they all made it up.   They all made it, but it was a huge effort as each of them jumped and fell, a few times on each step.  Finally though, they all made it to the top where the journey continued as they proceeded to follow their mom.  

I believe this is a similar picture of God and His children.  Him teaching us how to walk by faith, the steps of that lead to His Kingdom.  He's at the top waiting.  He is  there for us and knows we may fall a few times each step, but He knows we’ll get it.  He has faith in us that we’ll get to the top where He is and live in victory!

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out].  AMPC