Undying Love

God is talking to me to day about His love for us. He so loves us and is willing to wait for us. He is incapable of letting go of His children because of His undying love He holds in His heart for each one of us.  God is understanding, He knows why we make the choices we make.  He knows we have pain, sorrow and that our unbelief is centered around that pain.

God wants us to know though that He is so much bigger than that, that He can if we allow Him to, heal us of our pain, our sorrow, and the sickness— the disease that bounds us.  

Jesus was anointed with the power to heal all who were oppressed of the enemy, Jesus went about doing good, and now we are called to continue in doing those good works He did while He was here.  He instructed us to go lay hands on the sick and said they will recover— now you cast out demons, you love those and teach those who are being harassed by the enemy, go and do the greater things I have assigned you to do.

Receive My love and give My love, don’t cease until the earth lay desolate.  Don’t quit inspiring one another until the end, why?  Because I the Lord your God cannot stop loving, I cannot depart from My children.  They have to know the truth and as they do many will turn to Me, but many will turn against Me— but not Me them.

Go now through out the earth doing the good I have called you to do.  Be My example for those who don’t know Me.  Don’t doubt the power I have given you, the church, to be my disciples, My chosen ones— to do the good works I have chosen you to do for Me. The time is near for My return, hurry—Your Father