When We're Friends

You can ask what you will and it will be done for you.”  God spoke those words to me during our time together one day.  Right after He spoke those Words, He reminded me of John 5:7. God always sounds like His Word, bringing revelation and conformation of His Word to us—I love that about Him.

John 5:7 If you remain in Me and My words remain in you [that is, if we are vitally united and My message lives in your heart], ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you.

Today God is talking to me about this Word.  About how we misunderstand Him, and How we look at Him in an impersonal way which causes us to be confused about His will for us.  

Being distant from God we don’t realize He is a Person with real emotions just like us and that He cares deeply for us.  We don’t realize how He longs to do for us, and that we know Him and be apart of Him and His life.

Not knowing God or understanding Him, causes us to live our lives separated from God and not sure He will do anything for us.   Most even though they don’t know God, turn to God in a crisis.  In desperation, they start begging Him to do something—hoping and praying they might find some kind of favor with Him.  Then in many instances when nothing seems to have happened— they give up thinking God said no, it’s not His will, God is mad at them, or He just doesn’t care.  That is not the truth but because they don’t know God or take the time to seek Him out, that is that answer they resolve to. 

I want to share with you today that God can and He will do for you, and more than you can imagine.  You can know that for sure and that you don’t have to beg Him!  All you have to do is be His friend.  All He wants from you is your companionship.  He wants you to want Him in your life.

Friends do things for each other, friends care about each other, and even care about what the other friend cares about.  Friends agree with each other and that is why they’re friends—they agree.

Having a friend is having someone who cares about you, and you care about them.  Having a friend is not just having someone who will do for you, but you also do for them.  

I had a friend who used me to get her needs met.  She wanted someone to go to social events with her, someone to drive her places, and even someone to talk to and have fun with.  I was okay with that though—I just considered her one of those friends that I didn’t take too seriously because I knew she was using me.

Then came a day when I needed her but she wasn’t there for me.  I was really disappointed—even though I already knew she was using me, I thought the little I was expecting of her she could have been there for me, just that one time.  

When I started looking at God differently than before was when He called me a fair weathered friend.  I was that exact same kind of friend to God that my friend was to me.  I would call on Him when I needed Him, He would do what I asked of Him and then—I’d be gone.   As He put it, He didn’t hear from me again until I needed Him again.

In writing this I realized, just like I knew my friend had no idea of her needy state of being, I had no idea of mine.  My friend had no idea I needed her in that moment because she was so self-absorbed —she couldn’t see me my need.

That is how we are with God, in our self-absorption, we have no idea He would need us. 

I had no idea God needed me until the day He called me a fair weathered friend. I just thought I was supposed to live for me and then call on God when I needed Him to fulfill a need.  I never thought He would need insignificant me.

You might be in that place now where I was; having no idea God would need you, but know that He does.  We were made in His likeness and just as we need each other, God is in that same circle, He needs us.

Yes He is God and He is always there for you.  He knows you are using Him and He is okay with that for a time, but, He does expect you to grow up and come to the place where you start being a friend back to Him.  

He would love for you to care about what He cares about and be apart of His life.  He wants you to know what is important to Him, as He knows what is important to you.  He wants to meet your needs and you meet His.

God is a person with real feelings, He has things on His mind — He has hopes, dreams and plans that in fact include you and me.  He has plans to do good for us, for our well being; in fact His life is all about us, His children.  

But, God also has need of you and me to care for Him, care about what He cares about, to agree with Him— to be His friend, and for our lives to be about Him.

And then as His friend, as one friend would say to another, ask what you will— or I will do anything for you!