The Journey

A man took a long journey and depended upon His follows (those who had committed to Him) to do His work while He was gone.  To each He gave an assignment, each were gifted with a talent and had a helper (One) who would make all things work for their favor and empower them to do their assignment.  

The assignment each were given to do would not only be a work for their Master, but it would provide for them and would bring personal happiness, peace, joy, and contentment — which would cause an exuberate, truly amazing lifestyle.  

Those who chose to keep their commitment to follow their Master’s way and be faithful in their assignment were richly rewarded upon His return.  They were given more responsibility, and granted to enter into and share the joy (the delight, the blessedness) which their Master enjoys, which is the most precious joy because that joy is eternal life with the Master.

The Master is the Father of all and is so in love with His children that He made them just like Himself.  To be creative in serving knowing that creativity and giving would be the formula for them to live happy.  

He invited all His children, whosoever would want to live with Him forever to partake in His Kingdom operations.  Those who believed were chosen to do His greater work, to rule and reign in His Kingdom while He was gone.  As He remained in their hearts they did the work assigned them and lived a peaceable joyful life in Him.

Sadly some were fooled into thinking it wasn’t real or even possible  to do their assignment even though they accepted life with the Master they actually betrayed Him by doubting Him. They left His side and became afraid to do their instructions that were given to them. 

Their fear turned them into pretenders.  Because they doubted the Master they became fearful and unproductive.  By not using what would turn into a magical talent, a wonderful life, for the purpose of the King to spread His love for all to see, they became stagnant and were not rewarded, but doomed to the lower life.

The purpose was for the purpose of love to be spread through out the earth for His love to be un-containable in His people, His presence being of a blast of refreshment to show and to illuminate for all to see the wonder of the Father!  

In the spirits of all who are faithful to Him was the reward happiness now, and of eternal glory!

Based on Matthew 25:14-30, John 14:12