God What Do I Do?

My son was having a seizure when I shouted out to God in desperation, “God what do I do?” Instantly He said, “Bind the enemy!” So I was stern and I said, “SATAN I BIND YOU IN JESUS NAME”, BOOM! He was gone and my son was back to normal.

How amazing God is, so faithful, so true to His Word. I am so grateful that I can go to Him in my time of need and He is there for me. I love how fast He answers, and especially that day in what could have been disastrous, He made it easy. What could have been doctor visits, stress, hospitals, tests, drugs with side effects and a label for life, God fixed in a second with a Word!

Who else could have given me a better answer? Who else is all knowing and completely in love with me and wants me to have the fullest best answer? HIM! He is in love with me. He just is! And He is you!

God always has the right answer and we can always go to Him. We can always find out from Him what we need in any situation and quickly. God always has an answer, He is always right, and He is always right there, a thought away!

He is waiting for us to come to Him, to rely on Him in anything and everything! Didn’t Jesus say that? He did (Matthew 11:29-30).

I remember times that God answered my questions even before I had a chance to ask Him. Talk about a thought away, who is closer to you than God?

God so wants us to not only know Him, but to have a tight relationship with Him. He doesn’t want to be just a contact, but a close enduring friend. One that we can not only count on, but He wants us —to be one He can trust.

When I got really serious about God, I asked Him plenty of questions because I wanted to know how to live in His Kingdom where His blessings flow. In my undertake I found that God is looking to and fro through out the earth trying to find someone He can trust. Here I was looking to receive from Him and find that He too is looking to receive from me. I was longing to have what He had and found out He longs to have me and what I have.

What do I have? Only what He gave me. Is what He gave me valuable to Him? Whatever He put in me is a part of Him, He crafted me and gifted me and so I belong to Him and yes, I am a part of Him so I am not only valuable but I am cherished. Now whoever you cherish—you want to be cherished by?

God, He longs that I be faithful and devoted to Him to cherish Him as He does me. He longs to be able to trust me, as I know I can trust Him.

God taught me everything I know, and what I know makes me grateful. I am so grateful I can go to Him with anything and He is there for me.

Today I want to encourage you to go to Him —and in your adventure in doing so you too, will find that He is not only there for you with open arms, but He longs to be able to count on you. Cherished and to be cherished—love is.

James 1:5 If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him. AMPC