If Your Son Asks For An Egg

Did you know God is unhappy that we blame Him for our mishaps, for our lack, and misfortune? Even though many truly believe God does bad things to them the Word does not tell us that.

Luke 11:11 What father among you, if his son asks for a loaf of bread, will give him a stone; or if he asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent? 12 Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? 13 If you then, evil as you are, know how to give good gifts [gifts [i]that are to their advantage] to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask and continue to ask Him! AMPC

If we don’t understand God and His way of doing, if we haven’t accepted His love, His Spirit, we are going to think wrong thoughts about God because we don’t know Him.

We may even have walked with God for a while and still at times think wrong thoughts of Him. The reason being is we have to stay in constant fellowship with Him to know Him and for Him to reveal Himself to us. Just like in a natural relationship if we separate for a while we begin to think thoughts of each other that may not be true.

I watch this happen often, a person knew someone, had spent time with that person and they were friends. Then in a time of separation from that person and hearing some gossip, that one quickly changes their mind about that person, and without question. Now that person they were once friends with was no longer their friend just because of what someone else told them.

I personally don’t live by hearsay, but some people do and in doing so don’t know the truth, only someone else’s opinion.

With God the same thing happens, one stops hanging out with Him and then they hear something about Him, or don’t see something happen they were expecting to happen and turn away from Him, without question.

Today I would like to challenge you to live another way.

Each time something isn’t right with me and God it has been that I became distracted and each time then I have to go back to Him because I get some wrong thoughts I need cleared up. I don’t turn on Him— but I question Him.

The last time this happened God said the same thing He always says to me. “I haven’t changed, I Am still here, I Am still the same. You are the one who left Me, not Me you."

Even though He was saying this same thing this time —He said it with more of His feelings showing. He said, “If your son asks for an egg would you give him a scorpion?” I felt sad that I was thinking wrong and feeling sorry for myself because I could see His sadness in that I forgot who He was —and I was just being selfish.

I knew there must be a reason He didn’t use the other phrase recorded in the Word; if your son asks for bread would you give him a stone.

Wondering, I looked up the characteristics of a scorpion. It has a venomous sting and some species can kill humans. It can make you very sick and cause convulsions. Now I know the reason He said scorpion. He was clearly saying I Am not the one making these bad things happen in your life. I am not about to sting you and send you into convulsions, or kill you.

Even before I knew what a scorpion did I could note God’s feelings in the tone I heard, and in His hurt feelings I could sense, Thus a scorpion defined—confirmed God’s feelings to me.

Here I am complaining to Him in my stupor state, and all the while I was the one who left Him. I was the one that gave something else my attention causing me to forget who I knew, what I knew —and who I am in Him.

I wouldn’t blame Him if He didn’t answer me, but as kind and gracious—as mature as He is He did, and He does, and He always will, thank God!

He was the same, He was still there, never changed His mind, but instead of what I thought, He had been waiting for me to come back to Him.

Did you ever leave someone in the car while you did a quick run in the store? You didn’t plan on taking that long, but you ended up in the store for an hour. The person you left in the car had no choice but to wait. You felt bad that you made that person wait so long and might not have been to sure of what you would find when you got back to the car. Unless of course that person is texting you as they are waiting. “Where are you, how long yet? Are you coming now? It’s late I want to go home!”

We do that same thing to God constantly. He tells us His love for us. He sets us up for His good plan, we’re on this adventure, we have this awesome relationship —and then suddenly we’re distracted.

Kind of like this errand. Be right back, just gonna quick run in, leaving God in the car to wait. Making Him wait, and wait and wait, until you get back.

While you’re in there you forgot about Him, so God started texting you. “Waiting, don‘t, um, I Am here, where are you going? It’s late, oh, the time is near!”

When you finally get back to the car you start blaming God for all the things that happened while you were away from Him. Wow, and all this time He was wanting to look out for you, but you left Him in the car and ignored His messages.

I didn’t realize I was offended at God, that I started looking at my circumstances rather than at Him. The only way to know that is to go to Him and I am so glad I did. I wouldn’t have known He was hurt, and I wouldn’t have heard Him, if I hadn’t gone to Him.

I already know I am to call those things into existence that are not. I know the will of God and that He already did all He needs to do for me. So why was I looking at God and judging Him rather than judging myself?

I got weary in well doing and that happened because I was off doing errands without Him, which caused me to look at my circumstances. I left Him in the car while I did my thing, never having the time to converse —only complain.

But God never changes. We get off track and run around in circles worrying, while He is the same —waiting right where we left Him, patiently, for us to return.

God has given us the keys to the Kingdom and whatever we allow He has to allow. He made the rule and can’t change that rule —so now it is up to me to change things with His keys.

He gave me the keys to my own car, now He doesn’t have to take me anywhere anymore I do. Once I know how to drive why would I expect Him to drive me around? Why would I give His keys back to Him and tell Him that what I was once was doing was now too hard to do?

We get off track because we are not hearing God, but instead paying attention to the thing, listening to our circumstances speak to us —rather than us speaking to our circumstances.

We get off track because we leave God in the car too long and don’t take enough time to talk with Him but only complain to Him.

I would like to encourage you today to take God with you everywhere, don’t leave Him in the car, don’t leave Him home, but be talking to Him all the time and then you will know that He isn’t about to sting you and send you into convulsions, or kill you. But, rather —He is about to overtake you with blessings just as He tells you in His Word.