Follow The Leader

Did you know it is a greater work to follow Jesus? It is, He is our role model and He said He only imitates His Father. He said He only does and says what the Father tells Him to do and say.

John 5:19 So Jesus answered them by saying, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, the Son is able to do nothing of Himself (of His own accord); but He is able to do only what He sees the Father doing, for whatever the Father does is what the Son does in the same way [in His turn and He told us to do the same.] AMPC

John 12:9 This is because I have never spoken on My own authority or of My own accord or as self-appointed, but the Father Who sent Me has Himself given Me orders [concerning] what to say and what to tell. 50 And I know that His commandment is (means) eternal life. So whatever I speak, I am saying [exactly] what My Father has told Me to say and in accordance with His instructions. AMPC

As doing the greater work, as one who believes we are to imitate God.

Ephesians 5:1 Therefore be imitators of God [copy Him and follow His example], as well-beloved children [imitate their father]. AMPC

2 And walk in love, [esteeming and delighting in one another] as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us, a slain offering and sacrifice to God [for you, so that it became] a sweet fragrance. AMPC

So much of the time we stay baby Christians and it is because we lack relationship with God. If we were true to constant fellowship with God we would be growing up into doing and saying, thinking as He thinks. We would grow from constantly asking of Him to serving Him.

A relationship with God is loving God and is caring about what He cares about. Being concerned with Him and what He feels is a true relationship with Him. That relationship then continually grows to the place where God will show us His heart more and more, and in that place we will find the tremendous love He has for us —His children.

Jesus came to show us the love of God, His passion was to fulfill the Fathers heart of love to us. When Jesus left He told the disciples (us) to carry on His work. To go about doing good, healing all who were oppressed by the devil. Being a witness for Him. Yet, even though we have been chosen to do His work, we let the devil oppress us. Instead of taking our rightful place of authority we give it up just as Adam and Eve did.

God wants us to know today that He longs for us to grow up in Him. He longs for us to be able to put on our boots and walk right on through the enemies traps not fulfilling the enemies dreams but God’s.

How do we do that? We submit to God and plain old just believe Him. When we do, when we make a decision to believe, then He can work with us and get us to the place where we belong —living the good life and doing that greater work we were called to.

One day when I was complaining about in being in the company of unbelievers, I heard God say to me “Follow the Leader.“ He explained, if you follow Me they will follow you.

What was He saying to me? Not what I wanted to hear. What I wanted to hear was I will rescue you and set you on your perfect mountain in your perfect castle, with those perfect people. Which one day that will be, but here and now we are in a war, we are on a quest, His quest to rule in love, conquering over evil.

That day He was telling me I have you in a great place to do a greater work for Me. Would you serve Me as you committed to do? Will you love this person, those persons in your life instead of escape (for yourself) leaving that person, those who don’t know any better —stranded? Will you go after those lost sheep with Me?

Will you just keep following Me, because if you follow me then that person, those persons in your life will see life, Me in you —and they will follow you.

I see that happening in my life now. Those who I thought were lost with no hope, because I stayed with it are imitating me. I feel so honored that God would use me. I am so happy and excited that I stayed with it. I feel as though I am a part of what God is doing. Doing those greater works, living a life that matters rather than just living my life for me.

When it didn’t feel like anything was happening God empowered, He encourage me to keep following Him. Now I can see the fruit. Me growing up to be like my Dad and those following me have met Him and some are just about ready to meet Him.

God is so good, He is so faithful. He has a plan that will not only perfect you, change you to be like Him, but a plan to bless you beyond even the blessing of being like Him. And of course He has a plan through you to save those who follow you!

May I encourage you today to Follow The Leader!