God Is A Person

God is a real Person with real feelings. I believe that is what He wants us to have revelation of today. To know that He is not a fairy tale, He is not figment of someone’s imagination, but the very One who created us and is jealous for us.

Exodus 34:14 For you shall worship no other god; for the Lord, Whose name is Jealous, is a jealous (impassioned) God,

If you ever had anyone in your life that was jealous for you, you know you were flattered of that feeling that came from their jealously. Likewise if you sit in God’s presence you feel that jealous love He has for you.

When someone is jealous for you they watch you, and keep an eye on you to protect you. I can feel God doing just that in my life I feel His presence following me and keeping an eye on me. Why? Because I have entered into an intimate relationship with Him where I have given Him permission to fit me for His Kingdom— to be jealous for me.

That means I have asked Him to keep me in line with His love law to be able to live in His blessings, now and with Him in paradise when I leave here.

God desires we live blessed as to represent Him — to be shown as His, blessed and like Him. If we say we are His but look like someone else’s He isn’t pleased and in fact He is grieved.

God has high standards and expects we live by them. Showing Him, showcasing Him is what God desires for us. He wants us to look like Him —and to illuminate Him. Why does He want us to be an attraction for Him? Because it is not His will that one should perish and when we show who God is we are letting God use us to draw those In whom He is in love with (who He is jealous for) —to Him.

Being fit for His Kingdom takes being willing to be reshaped into the likeness of God. Yes were made already in His likeness, but as we grow in this worldly atmosphere and are obviously tempted by its owner we have to learn to make the right choices and as well we have to live as an over comer by not succumbing to the enemies ploys.

Therefore we have to ask God to correct us and teach us. We have to keep on knocking and seeking Him so that, that door of revelation knowledge we need to live in His Kingdom be opened to us.

If we seek Him as a vital necessity that makes us jealous for Him always keeping an eye on Him, wanting to know Him and what He is thinking all the time. Wanting to please Him by weighing all we do in His presence, making sure that we are not offending Him by our thoughts and deeds. Making sure we are on the same page as He is. Being jealous for Him means to keep track of Him and His feelings. To do that we have to keep an eye on Him all the time.

Can we make Him feel special as special as He does us? I think we can. In my relationship with Him I can tell as He is jealous for me to keep in step with Him, to keep me blessed and walking toward that good life He has in mind for me. I can tell that He is pleased when I go to Him and ask is this okay? How do you feel about this or that? Does this offend You or grieve You, if so I won’t do it.

Until I ask I can’t guess how He feels. Sometimes I can, but sometimes I am wrong. Therefore just like any relationship we have to find out what He is thinking. When we want to know He tells us. When we want to know He feels loved.

God is a person and has feelings and you can tell as soon as you start being jealous for Him, as soon as you start keeping your eye on Him, making Him your focal point you will see that you have made Him feel loved.