When You Think You Know

Isaiah 55: 8 For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.  AMPC

I think it is amazing when I sit down and hear God speak to me.  I never have any idea what He is going to say until I come and listen.  

I love it when He tells me HIs thoughts because I have no idea what He is thinking until He tells me and then when He tells me, I am in awe.  In awe because it is love, it is correction I know I need, it is a surprise, revelation, or something always unbeknown to me!

Because God’s ways are so much bigger than ours I sometimes misunderstand God and in those times, if I am not careful the enemy deceives me and gets me off the path God has for me.  I so dislike those times that I have learned to wait for His wisdom.

This morning I was thinking about a one of a few of those times I had misunderstood God because I wasn't careful to wait.  I thought I knew what God was telling me, but it turned out,  I was wrong. Now I have understanding of those times I was thinking about, but at the time I only thought I did.  The hard part of being wrong is, most of the time we don’t know we’re wrong until after the fact.

I have learned that God uses analogies that we need to take the time to listen for the revelation of.  Sometimes that revelation can take a few hours, sometimes days and sometimes even years for us to understand because God is so big!  Because God’s ways are so much higher than our ways we have to wait on Him.

God showed me the reason He only gives us a little information at a time is because it takes us time to understand His way, and we are fleshy.  We tend to do what makes us feel good.  Feeling good is wonderful and what God wants for us, but for healthy reasons.  In other words we don't want a false temporary feel good, we want a healthy mature feel good.  A doing the right thing feel good.  Therefore He leads us in His sometimes slow, but healthy ways that take time, because He is looking out for us, and teaching us His mature, healthy way at the same time.  

God, His ways are higher, they are healthy, and they are good.  His way will make us like HIm.  His ways are preparing us for eternity with Him and for representing Him here, being a vessel of honor here and now for those who don’t know Him.

Ahh that is God should be how we are looked at while we are here.  God in us, we maturing to be so much like Him that we show Him like Jesus did.  When they see us they should see us resemble the Father.

It takes time to know God and His ways, and still there is so much to know of Him I don't think we can say we know all of Him.  Daily I know HIm more of course, and we should, but He always has something higher to show me than I knew before!

The best way I have found to follow God is let Him lead.  Ponder what He is telling me and wait for confirmations before doing anything.  Many times I find that God has already lead me to my destination just by me letting Him take the lead.

God will make sure you hear Him and that you follow Him when you let Him lead.  

I often tell Him, take over Lord, just lead me in Your right direction, and He does that!   Before I know it, I understand what I could have thought I knew, but I waited.  Before I know it I get that one Word He said to me I didn't get a few weeks ago when He said it.  

Many times God shows us what He means by walking us through it, and then the understanding comes.  Whichever way He chooses to reveal His higher way to us is the best way!  He has our good in mind!

Don’t live on impulse, but reliant on Him!  Don't think you know, you might not!