A Word Fom God

A Message From God

This morning God asked me to listen and then share with you what I hear.

“My children, how I love you, and how you don’t know. You don’t know that I think about you day and night. Have you no idea that I have good plans for you? If you did you would seek Me in finding out those plans that I have pondered and planned just for you.

I haven’t good ideas, I haven’t suggestions, but I have absolute plans just for you, each of you individually for your welfare, for your good. I have taken the time to place a gift in each of you, call your color, make your cells, to plan your family, your life for good, yet you run from Me.

I hurt, I am in care from your pain. I long for you to want Me to trust Me to do good for you to finish what you let Me start in you. Please stop running and know that I have only good in mind for you.

I know it seems hard, it seems as though I haven’t thought of your fears, but I have. I certainly have and I am asking you to let them go, to step out on the water and just trust Me to bring to pass the good I have for you.’’

I have much good in mind for you, but I can’t bring it to pass without you, without your trust in Me. My directions make no sense in the natural, but if you agree with Me and look to Me and only Me those directions I give you, just for you, will make sense to only you. I will show you My plans, My plans that will cause you to rejoice, to have fullness of joy, not fear.

Fear comes as you trust in yourself what you think you can do, what you can calculate on your own. But, Faith comes as you listen to Me, as you follow those instructions I give to you for your good.

Know this, that I will only tell you things to do that are good for you, for you to prosper in your spirit, soul, and body. I will never take from you what is good, but will only give to you what is good.

Now you have heard My heart, now you can take My Word and keep it in your heart. Now you can listen for My voice and follow Me and not follow fear, but leave it behind, leave it as past, taking only steps now of faith, faith in Me, My voice, My directions!"