And It Was

God said it and it was.  You know the story of the beginning how God thought of us and then created for us, everything we would need —even before He created us. 

How did He create us, and for us?  He said it and it was.  Before He said anything it was dark. The Bible describes the earth as without form—an empty waste.  

In the midst of the dark God said light be— and it was.  Then God separated the light from the dark and called it day and night.   God made the firmament separating the waters calling the firmament Heavens—all in one day.  Then God saw what He said, and He said it was good— and He approved it!

The next day He said and it was —that the waters be collected in one place and that dry land appear.  God called the dry land earth and the waters seas.  Again, He saw it was good and He approved it.

The third day God said let the earth produce vegetation, plants yielding seed, fruit trees yielding fruit whose seed is itself.  

Can you see this picture, trees coming up out of the ground, then fruit coming up out of the trees through out the earth?  Can you see the light bursting through the darkness, and the expansion of the heavens zooming into place, the waters rushing to where God called them to go—at His command?  Living creatures coming forth by the waters in abundance, the waters swarming with them as He spoke?  Wow God is unbelievably all powerful, so good and so through.  He thought out so completely, all we would need to live well, all we would need for comfort, even before He created us.

And it was so, and it was good and He approved it!

I can’t fathom all of God, but what I can grasp through creation, all He did for us is—His love for us.  Just as we will do anything for our kids, God has done for us.  I read an article the other day, the mom who wrote the article was writing about her daughter, who was having a party at her house.  The mom woke early to prepare her house for the party.  As she was scrubbing the floors, she pondered how her daughter was at home in bed still sleeping.  As she thought, she thought some how something wasn’t just right here.  I laughed as I read her ponder because many times I have had similar situations with my son.  I just do for him because I love him, nothing fair about it, just what being a mom is about, Love.   And Love is who God is.  God reminded her of that in her moment of pondering her situation.

Most don’t understand that God loves us so much, and so much more than we can love, more than we can imagine.   Sure we read it in the Bible but we don’t know it for sure for ourselves, and because we don’t, we don’t give God the recognition He deserves.  

I often see posts on FB from parents saying their kids are everything to them; they are what makes their lives complete.  Although we get the concept of loving our children so much as it changes our lives, we have no idea that we have changed God’s life!  We have no idea God is that much, in fact even more— in love with us than we are in love with our kids (Matthew 7:11). 

We have no idea we are on His mind all the time, that God is always working to reveal His truth, His wisdom, and His good to us.   God’s life is about His children, His mind on us all the time.  Just like you can’t stop thinking about your children and what you can do for them, God can’t get His mind off of you and how He can do good for you.

But again, we don’t and won’t know that for ourselves until we seek to have a relationship with Him, until we get to know Him.

On the contrary and what I find to be very sad is, those who won’t take the time they need to know God—even some who call themselves Christians—believe hearsay about God.  They accuse/believe God is doing terrible things, like giving out cancer, putting poverty on some, or taking babies, and so much more.  In fact the common saying for those who don‘t know God is; everything happens for a reason.  What many of them are implying is, is that the bad thing is God’s plan, and there is nothing they could do about it.  God had a plan for that bad thing, although they don’t understand it they accept is as God’s will, because they don’t know God’s will.

There is so much wrong with that theory which I won’t go into today, but if you know God, if you know His Word, you can see how it is a theory and a man made one, a lie many believe because they don’t know God or His ways.  A lie many believe because they don’t know God and the Love He has for them.

Then why does God allow it many ask?  Because you choose to allow it.  We are allowing bad things to happen by not choosing to know God and by not choosing God.  God has a Kingdom we can live in—if we choose Him.  In His Kingdom are all of His blessings and they come with directions.

Just as God gave Adam directions in the beginning, God gives us directions now.

Genesis 1:26 God said, Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness, and let them have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the [tame] beasts, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth.

What did God say?  Let’s make man like Us and give them authority.  We have been made like God and given power, say so, permission, to be in charge of everything on the earth, which includes Satan.  But what we do is bow down to Satan, just like Adam and Eve did, by believing Satan over God.  

Jesus bought our authority back that Adam gave to Satan in the garden, but still because we lack relationship, because we lack understanding we still give Satan rule and reign in our lives.  Just as to say, Jesus didn’t do anything at the cross.

God told Adam to take authority over the earth, and God told Adam not to eat off one tree.  

Did Adam and Eve do all that God told them to do?  No, as soon as Satan showed up they were conned.  Satan lured them away from their Father.  Adam and Eve betrayed the One who loved them.  The One who just created a huge beautiful world for them to enjoy.  They betrayed and we betray the One who can’t keep His mind off of us day and night.

So is it God’s fault that Adam and Eve, that we —don’t live as God intended, or is it our fault we don’t listen?  If we don’t take the time to know or consider before we act —that God has only good in mind for us, then we can’t defend God as we should.  If we don’t know God we won’t take authority nor will we defend God when Satan shows up.   

Adam should have known that God didn’t want to keep something good from him, but instead he fell into Satan’s trap betraying God.  You would think Adam would have known God’s love and excitement for him.  God and Adam sat together as Adam named each animal God created.  Adam knew God created women from himself.  Adam named women, women.  I would think all that time should have amounted to a love trust relationship where Adam could have defended God?

Even though—we are guilty of the same thing today.  We begin to know God and have experiences with Him, we still betray Him.  We believe the lie of the enemy over God’s Word, over our experiences with Him because we haven’t stayed close enough to God on a daily basis.  We haven‘t stayed in His protection by seeking God to know Him more, to know all of His ways, to know for sure He wouldn’t hurt us.  

God is not putting sickness, disease, and poverty on us but the enemy is and we allow him to as we listen to his lies.  When we believe Satan over God, we make Satan our god which allows his will in our lives, rather than God’s will.

How does that work?  We believe what we are convinced of.  That’s why in the Word of God we are told to change what we think to be like what God thinks.  When we know and agree with God, thinking His thoughts, then we will not only know God and His opinion, what is good in His eyes, we will also know Satan’s lie when we hear it!

We have a choice who we will serve and we can’t serve the One we don’t know without taking the time to know Him, and how to know how to allow His good in our lives.

God hasn’t changed, from the beginning He has gone out of His way to make provision for us.  Even when Adam betrayed God and of course God knew he would, God had another plan, and another plan, and another plan, because like us, He loves His children and wants to give us chance after chance.   

God has an ultimate plan He is working on right now— all God has said will happen.  He will say it and it will be.  For those of us who choose God, the plan is to live with Him for eternity.  

We are like Him, made in His likeness—no other theory needed.  He said and it was, and it was good.  He approved goodness.  We were created in His likeness, like Him.  Therefore we can so say— and it will be.  We were designed to take His authority and prevent sickness, disease, and poverty.  We are called to prevent the enemy from causing havoc in our lives by our Words of authority!

All God did, God did for us.  God created life on the earth and then He created us in His likeness, and gave us authority over all of the life on the earth.  He did only good for us, just as we would do only good for our children.  

God put the tree in the garden for us to choose to obey Him— which is to choose Him.  We choose God to be our god, or we choose to be our own god —do as we please which is to choose Satan’s way.  When we live as Satan as our God we live separated from God, and never knowing or understanding how much in love with us —God is.

The message God wants to paint for us today is He is wants to be our Dad, our Father who always has and will always only intends good for us.  He had good in mind for us from the beginning and He still has good in mind for us now.  Thus as we do what He told us to do, that good He had in mind for us will be manifest.  When we do His instructions then we will see our blessings, then we are changing what happens because we chose God.  We chose the One who calls things to be as though they were and we make the choice to be like Him, using that authority He gave us to use.

From the beginning when Adam and Eve moved from God’s provision for them until now, as we still reject God’s instruction, God has still been faithful to make a way for us time and again.  God is still working, even through this article right now to make His heart, His ways known to us.

God has a new plan that involves those of us who will submit to Him and to be apart of His quest.  As we make that decision to submit to God, He will make known to us the part He has for us in His plan.  Just like Adam named the animals, just like Adam was apart of God’s plan so are we designed to be.

I am not sure on the exactness of the next part of God’s plan, but I can assure you it will be as great or even greater than light bursting in from the dark and waters collecting where they are told to.  I am sure that when God speaks His plan— all He will say will happen.  We will see right before our eyes what He said, and it will be.  He will say, it is good and He will approve it.  

Our now will suddenly be past tense.  No longer will we be able to change our minds to be as His.

If you are not in awe of God today, if you don’t hold God in Holy reverence, it is time you do, before He returns—before the new heaven and the new earth. 

If you don’t you won’t be apart of His plan, you wont be a part of the new heaven and the new earth because that place is for those who choose God, for those who will defend Him, who won’t betray Him—for those who know Him well.  It will be as He said, it will be when He speaks it, all will take it course, all will haste at His command!

As for Satan, he and his followers will be forever together, forever separated from God, from love. Your choice here and now matters.  God will soon separate us who love Him from the darkness. No more suffering, no sorrow or pain from the evil one.  Hurry, the time is near—choose Him