Boxes Left Unopened - Dreams Left In Space

Occupy your space is a phrase God gave me to articulate His directive to me to get started in the plan He had for me.  He illustrated to me in a vision the space which seemed like an empty white room that went on for infinity.  

I noticed after looking closer the room had boxes everywhere in it and there was one box that hand been opened.  They were the kind of boxes you just had to lift the cover off to open. I noticed all the other boxes were unopened.  I knew the boxes were my boxes in my space and then I knew the opened box was a box I opened and I had looked in the box and then left it.  I knew the box that was open was the one thing I already knew to do— but didn’t do it.  I didn’t do it because it seemed to good to be true and impossible at the same time, so I questioned it and never did it..  

God told me that when I start opening the boxes; I would find what is in the boxes would be a direction to the dream He gave me.  Each box contained the instruction I needed to do, to have the result of the happiness God designed for my life.  He showed me each time I accomplish a task, there were other boxes to be opened, with more tasks.  He said the boxes would be endless and some of the boxes would contain surprises.  He said no one knows except Him what is in the boxes.  They are all gifts from God and by doing the directions He gives that are in the boxes, the reward is happiness.

Like me you have a room (an infinity kind of room)—  a space to occupy from God. The space is only yours and only you can occupy that space.  If you don’t go into that space and start opening the boxes, then the room stays barren.  

What a waste it is for those who don’t know how good God is and that He has gifts and a place for each of one of His children.   A place to occupy where they will see all of their dreams come true— where they can live the good life He intended.

That room is inside of you and as you look to God for direction, He will direct you to your space to occupy.  He will show you the boxes and what is in them for you to live that dream life, the good life He intended for you.  He will give you the wisdom, and the revelation knowledge of how to open and activate each gift.  

God’s plan for you was created by Him, just for you.  Since He created you He is the Master planner and knows how to work things out perfectly for your life to be it‘s best!  

If we don’t do everything in those boxes as directives God gives us we will become stagnant in the Kingdom of God.  Our lack of obedience will hold us back from the goodness God intended for us.   Our space will be empty, boxes left unopened— and dreams left in space.

Some directions might not seem purposeful but they are —no direction is meaningless.  Every direction takes you to a space of occupancy, a place in your dream life, the good life God intends for you. 

Although I haven’t written a seven-step formula, God does have a system of operation for us to follow and be committed to.  We have to be committed to God entirely and depend totally on Him to show us what we have to be attentive to.  It is important to understand everything that God tells us to do has to be attended —to be able to walk in our dream, nothing can be ignored.  If we have missed something, we will have to back up and get it done.

As an example, to bring into realty the importance of opening every box God has for you to open and to know that there is a direction/gift in each box, I want to share with you what happened to my mom.   My mom’s dream at age eighty-six was to go home to be with her Lord.  She had set her sights on getting to her heavenly mansion, as she was sure she was done here.

It seemed to be taking too long, she had lots of boxes she opened and had many gifts (rewards for her obedience), but the big dream seemed to lag.  She had been believing God for a few years already to go home and be with Him, and so she asked God why she was still here.  He answered her and said she wasn’t ready; she had another box to open, another assignment she had to finish before she could be right with Him.  The box she had left unopened contained the gift she was dreaming of.  In the box was her assignment to love when she didn’t feel like it.  She opened the box, followed the directions, and soon after found herself on her way home— her dream come true.

Sometimes it is easy to miss a box, or open a box and not feel like doing that direction.  The one she avoided is the one that had her dream in it.  It was one of the last boxes for her to open and if she had avoided it, she would not be living her dream right now.

My mom had a late start in getting to know God, therefore I am guessing she has a lot of boxes that were left unopened that she didn’t even know were there.  When she did turn to God and start to know Him, He knew which boxes she needed to open and when.

It is never too late to start obeying God; He has time because He is eternal.  God tells us our life is eternal, we won’t die, but move in with Him.  It is never too late to get right with God and do the dream He has put in your heart to do. 

Your next expectation may be long in coming because you have missed a direction from God.  God is purposeful in all He does and it is important that we don’t take any of His directions lightly.  To occupy that space He has for us we must consistently look to Him for the directions we need, one box at a time.

Take each direction or correction that comes from the Him seriously.  Know that each direction is the key to actually walking in your dream.  Don’t stop.