Trust Him

My favorite promise in the Bible is in Romans.

Romans 10:11 The Scripture says, No man who believes in Him [who adheres to, relies on, and trusts in Him] will [ever] be put to shame or be disappointed.

I want to share with you today that I have had the experience of waiting and relying on God, and as well, I have had the experience of doing things my own way, a part from God, and certainly doing things His way has the best results—in fact intense results!

Relying on God takes longer, yes, but the reason being is that God teaches us how to live in His Kingdom while we learn to rely on Him. What better way to live than to learn to live in God’s Kingdom where there is no lack of any kind (James 1:4). Where His blessings are so bountiful you don’t need a miracle every time you turn around! That is intense! Living God’s way is powerful, wonderful— and is eternal bliss!

Did you know the most important thing to God is how His Kingdom operates—and that most important thing (which is LOVE) is what He longs to teach us so we can live in His Kingdom with Him now and for eternity? Relying on God (Jesus) and His way, is entrance into His Kingdom. As we rely on God we are actually in agreement with Him and growing to be like Him which will fit us for His Kingdom.

Relying on God is so much more than we realize. Relying on God is not trusting Him for a time period, and then getting offended when He didn’t do what we thought He should do, when we thought He should do it. We have to know that God’s way is higher, different than our way and to have His promises we have to live in His higher way. To obtain those promises we have to live where He lives, in His Kingdom by His principles.

Knowing that we have to learn how to live in God’s Kingdom where all His blessings are, where everything is yes and amen, should give us a better concept of the time it seems to take for our answers.

It takes time for us to learn God’s way depending upon how quick we are to learn of Him and rely on Him and His way of doing. In that time God is actually the one doing the waiting. He is waiting for us to move in with Him. He is waiting for us to move into His Kingdom, all the way, by seeking His way of doing in every circumstance. He isn’t asking us to wait until we get to heaven to live with Him, He is asking us to live in Kingdom right here and now by relying on Him (Luke 17:21).

One day God said this to me. He said many of My children think they are going to move in with Me someday. But right here, right now they have no time for Me, they don’t agree with Me, or want anything to do with Me. But still they think they want to move in with Me someday.

Wow, if that isn’t revelation knowledge. Jesus said the same thing when He said on that day many are going to be pleading with Him to enter into the Kingdom of heaven and He is going to say He didn’t know those who disregard His commands (Matthew 7:22-24).

You can’t trust someone you don’t know, therefore to rely on God starts with getting to know Him so you can rely on Him. You have to find out how His Kingdom operates to live in it, or even decide—if you want to live in it.

You can’t wing it with God; you have to make a choice. If you choose to rely on Him, He will bring you to a place of never being disappointed, and that is a place of maturity. A place where you can say, no it didn’t happen yet, but it will because I am relying on God to move me into His Kingdom where His blessings abound.

God will teach you if you rely on Him, to live well in His Kingdom right here and now and that my friend will prepare you for eternity with Him when you leave here.