Throwing Babies (Life) Away

This morning God gave me a vision.  I watched a women walking on the sand passing a bridge by the ocean, in a dark setting.  It seemed she didn’t want to be seen letting what God showed me were seeds slip through her fingers.  Immediately I knew she was throwing seeds of babies away.  That is when I saw God’s face and could feel His pain for those babies— His babies.  Babies He had plans for, plans to do great things for Him.  

Those little babies some so easily look at as nothing, are God’s— His seeds of life, parts of Him.  God cherishes each and every one of us and we don’t know how very much it grieves Him that we would even consider a life to be a burden.

I know we are not all throwing our babies away; in fact many of us cherish our babies,  and know they are gifts from God.   But then there are those who look at those babies as a burden, and those desperately need rescuing.  

What does that have to do with us, what can we do about those who think nothing of life?  Or is it even our problem that adults choose to get rid of their children, or even that children choose to rid of their children?

Is it our problem, that children are abused and then killed, or sexually molested, even by a parent.  Is it our problem or is it Gods business?  Are we to just mind our own business because their choices are their choices?  Is that the way the body of Christ thinks?  Is that the way the body of Christ should think?

The Word does not tell us to mind our own business, in fact the Word, God, is telling us to make His business our business.

Galatians 6:22 Bear (endure, carry) one another’s burdens and troublesome moral faults, and in this way fulfill and observe perfectly the law of Christ (the Messiah) and complete what is lacking [in your obedience to it].

As Christians we are to be apart of God’s Kingdom, with His mindset, not the mindset of the world.  We should be about His business - what is important to Him and that importance is LIFE!  God is life and life is love and if we are to be His, we are to be like Him, and care about what He cares about.

But, God is telling me our minds are not like His.  That we are worried about what someone might think, our reputation, so we make the choice to blend in.  Our excuse is, it is none of my business; they will have to answer to God one day.

Why do we say that?  Why do we have that mindset?  I could answer that for you, but you might be offended at me.  I could say that is your business, that’s between you and God, but if I did I would be acting just like the person who doesn’t want to get involved.

According to the Word we are to confront and correct each other and as well, examine ourselves.  Could it be that we fail to confront because we are condemned by our own sin, letting that steal our confidence to be who we are called to be?  Then we should do something about that sin so that we can be that light the darkness needs.

I am not saying I am there, that I don’t miss it, but I am saying I want to be that light in the dark.   I am also here writing this in obedience to Father, therefore I can’t hold back.  I cant say,  “God it is none of my business” because He has made it my business when He asked me to write this.

I know His pain, only because He has shown me.  His heart aches that we are not listening to Him.  He is grieved that we are not doing His work, that we sit by and allow the enemy his way. 

God would have you, He would like you to seek Him, to change your mind to be as His.  In that action and only in that action of being with Him, abiding, knowing His heart can we think like Him and do the greater work He is calling us to — being about His business.

We all have an assignment to be about His business, but we can’t know that until we sit with Him to find out our part to do for Him.  He is coming soon and He is asking His own to prepare the way for Him.  To let go of futile things that rob our time, time that could be spent being about His business, being about eternal salvation!