The Christmas Plan

I was asking God why something I had been believing Him for had been taking so long. In the past each time I asked Him, He encouraged me to keep doing all He instructed me to do. I knew to He meant keep practicing His principles and to keep doing the assignment He gave me.

Recently becoming weary in waiting I asked again. “God, why is this taking so long, I am doing all you told me to do?” He answered me, this time with the word “Strategic.”

Suddenly in that moment His presence was overwhelming, I could see His smile and sense His joy. He was right there before me as He spoke, “I haven’t forgotten you but I have a strategic plan to bring that to pass in your life. I have the perfect plan in place and it will happen just as you believe, don’t lose heart, I love you and will not let you down.” It was so different than any other time He spoke to me. Not only did it seem audible, but I could see Him and feel His excitement.

From there I knew the joy it was bringing Him to have a plan for my life, to bring my heart's desire to pass, and I knew in those moments with Him, that all my desires are His. Nothing I was asking Him for was a surprise to Him, He already knew and it gave Him great joy that I would believe Him.

In that moment He reminded me a few days before what He spoke to me; “More than you can ask or think.”
This was definitely a more than I could ask or think answer.

I realized He was giving me His perspective, His take on my life. From His perspective I could see His part in planning not only for me, but for all of His children. For those who would trust Him, He is constantly tending to every detail of their life.

Then He bought my thoughts to Mary and the story of Jesus’ birth. He showed me how carefully He planned for that day. He showed me how Mary’s life was a surrendered life and how because she believed God, she was a part of His strategic plan to bring Jesus to us.

Choosing someone who would partake in His plan to bring Jesus to the earth to reveal His love and passion to us was God's well thought out plan. God planned for Mary to be Jesus’ Mom even before she was born; God preordained her life and Mary surrendered to that life (Ephesians 2:10).

In Luke we can see Mary’s heart; she said she would be God’s handmaiden, His servant. We can also note that Mary now felt she had purpose. She felt important to God, (maybe trusted) to be chosen by God to carry the Son of God!

Mary had a part in God’s quest; Joseph had a part, Elizabeth, John, the three wise men and many more. God strategically planned for the birth of Jesus and used people that would surrender to Him to bring His plan to pass.

God planned as He worked through those surrendered lives. God had a plan to bring good, to bring protection, to bring purpose, to show His favor, and so much more. And, God made known to us by His plans, that each person is valued and of great importance to Him.

Not only did God have a plan but it came with encouragement. God used Gabriel to encouraged Mary by telling her Elizabeth was pregnant, and then of course the first thing Mary did was run to see Elizabeth where they both share in their excitement and encouraged each other!

God encouraged Joseph in a dream. Joseph didn’t believe Mary until an angel spoke to him in a dream confirming that Mary was pregnant with the Son of God. The angel told Joseph to name Him Jesus, Emmanuel - meaning God with us. Joseph suddenly had purpose and felt his value. Joseph married Mary and did all he was instructed to do, partaking in the plan of God.

The wise men journeyed to see the new King. Herod gave them instructions to let him know when they knew where Jesus was, as his intent was to kill Jesus.

When the wise men saw the star the Bible says they were ecstatic and filled with joy. When they saw Jesus they fell down and worshiped Him. Then the wise men were warned in a dream not to return to Herod. They obeyed and went their own way, partaking in the plan of God.

Joseph was told in a dream to leave and go to Egypt because Herod was looking for Jesus to kill him. Herod gave rule to have all children two and under killed, but because of God’s plan being implemented, Jesus was already gone.

As we look from God’s perspective we can see He was busy about His plan, bringing good to us through those who would believe. As we know the story doesn’t end here but God continues to work to bring us good, through those would go for Him.

The plan now; Jesus is coming back and God is preparing for that day. God has a plan for a new heaven and a new earth. Therefore, now His mission is to bring us revelation knowledge so we can prepare for eternity. God wants His children to have understanding of the choice that they are making for their eternity.

If you are willing to be apart of God’s quest, God has a detailed plan for your life. It won’t be Mary’s plan, but it will be a plan just for you, a part chosen just for you to partake in God’s mission to bring truth throughout the earth. That plan; will bring you joy, peace and contentment. It will be of great importance to God, and to you, it will become your passion, and it will provide for you.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.


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