Help, I Don’t Fit In!

You are not supposed to fit in— if you are in Christ Jesus, born anew, you are to be like Jesus and no one else.  Jesus didn’t fit in, or even try to fit into the world’s way of doing.  He is not of this world, nor are we who serve Him, thus we are not to try to be accepted by the world.  

Matthew 10:22 And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake, but he who perseveres and endures to the end will be saved [from spiritual disease and death in the world to come]. AMPC

Jesus came to show the Father (to do His will) and as His— we are called to do the same thing.  When we conform to His way of doing, like Jesus — we will be rejected.  Then just as He did we are to move on to the next town!

Matthew 10:23 When they persecute you in one town [that is, pursue you in a manner that would injure you and cause you to suffer because of your belief], flee to another town; for truly I tell you, you will not have gone through all the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes. AMPC

The rejection is designed by the enemy for us to quit and conform, but Jesus encourages us to pursue our calling by moving on to the next town or our next assignment even though. 

I will never forget one Sunday in particular, as doing as instructed by the Lord I was rejected. I felt like quitting at that point, and right then God gave me the name of the next church to go to.  I said, “God did you know how hurt I am right now and You‘re asking me to go to another church?”  He said, (as He has said before)”It is not you they are rejecting but Me“.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but He was sending me out to prepare the way for His soon return.  Even though I had no schooling, even though I wasn’t thought of as a person God might use, God wanted to use me. 

Jesus wasn’t accepted in His own home town where He was known as Josephs’ son.  He was despised and had to escape the anger of the crowd and their willingness to push Him off of a cliff when one Sabbath He read from the scroll, from the book of the prophet Isaiah.  He read the Spirit of Lord is upon Me, to preach the good news to the poor, to announce release to the captive and sight to the blind…  It was all good news but they were filled with rage as Jesus said today this scripture if fulfilled!

Why were they so angry?  Why weren’t they excited and happy that God was fulfilling that prophesy?  Was it their desire to have that recognition?  Did it take away from their plan?  Were they expecting someone with great prestige?

You may or may not know — but that the same things happen today.  God chooses someone to be a prophet, evangelist… tells them the unlikely things to come which cause them to be shunned, rejected, and even put out of the church.

Why?  Maybe the same reasons the Pharisees reacted the way they did, but as sure as the Pharisees were judged will man be judge for their desires to be their own god.  God is not fooled by meaningless words but He knows the heart of each man.

Isaiah 29:13 And the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near Me with their mouth and honor Me with their lips but remove their hearts and minds far from Me, and their fear and reverence for Me are a commandment of men that is learned by repetition [without any thought as to the meaning], 14 Therefore, behold! I will again do marvelous things with this people, marvelous and astonishing things; and the wisdom of their wise men will perish, and the understanding of their discerning men will vanish or be hidden.

If you are being ostracized today, if God has sent you to do His will, don’t let their rejection stop you, go forth and do the will of God.  Yes you are good enough, yes you are different, but your are suppose to be.  Don’t conform to the world, but to Jesus.

Yes, God knows you are being rejected but that is a good thing.  You don’t want to be like them, but separated from them, doing the will of the Father who will richly reward you.

The Lord said to Joshua and He is saying to you today, don’t be afraid or dismayed but strong and vigorous and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9). AMPC

God Bless you!