Your Heavenly Account

Matthew 6:19 Do not gather and heap up and store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust and worm consume and destroy, and where thieves break through and steal. 20 But gather and heap up and store for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust nor worm consume and destroy, and where thieves do not break through and steal; 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. AMPC

What is a heavenly and an earthly account—what is the difference between an earthly account and a heavenly account? 

If we look at the verses prior our text we can see that Jesus gave many directives that led up to the meaning of a heavenly treasure and an earthly one. 

In Jesus’ teaching, summarized —as not to do things for recognition from men, but to do what we do for God, Jesus made it clear that we would be making deposits in one of these two accounts— a heavenly one or an earthy one.  

To summarize even further He used the Pharisee’s mechanical lifestyle to say that they lacked relationship and were merely doing religious works. 

For example if I give to the poor out of my duty to God, and at the same time I want everyone to know what I did, then that recognition Jesus said is my reward.

But if in my private prayer time, the Father asks me to give to someone in need, or if I have compassion and want to give to a need I see, then it is a heavenly heartfelt deposit into my heavenly account —a whole different scenario then giving to be noticed.  

The difference in storing up in a heavenly account then, verses an earthy account is relationship.  Knowing the Father’s compassion and wanting to do His will, instead of just doing what we think we have to out of duty to be right with God, are two separate works. 

Doing our works in front of men is just that; pleasing a man for some personal gain.  Loving that recognition the world has to offer more than God‘s.

Only when we have taken the time to know God can we do His will out of compassion, out of a love relationship for Him. 

You can look at it as a practice of direct deposits in your heavenly account our your earthy one.  Each time you do a work, it is either a mechanical one, one for show, or a heartfelt one, one we do to give back to the Father the love He has shown us.

Seeking the approval of man or self is having things of more importance than God. That is storing up for ourselves treasures on the earth where in those accounts moth and rust will corrupt it, where thieves will take it.  Essentially giving the enemy rights to kill, steal, and destroy.

When we have that love relationship with God we will naturally be storing up for ourselves treasures in our heavenly account where surety in God lies.

On the earth a heavenly account looks like; having God’s favor, not having to borrow, not having to be sick, not having to live depressed and in lack of any kind, but having a sure place to go when in need to withdraw from.

Verses an earthy account that has temporary things, things valued above God.  Things one might do that is close to doing the Word but is not.  Things done for  our own advantage in some way, having our trust in something other than God.  A place you thought you could go to withdraw from but has already been consumed by moth and rust. 

In an earthy trusted account, you have no choice but to borrow, trust a doctor, live confused, without favor, ultimately, separated from the blessings of God.

When one stores up in their heavenly account, by taking the time to know the Father, that one will live to bless others, focus on doing the Father’s work and obey Him in all He requires.  Then, that one’s heavenly account will be full and ready to make withdrawals from. 

God will never forget our deposits of love, the good we did—our willing heart toward Him.  He remembers our deposits, He has it all written down and He is ever ready then to pour out our return when we have need.

What we do for temporary satisfaction, is just that - temporary, and it will be destroyed because there is no value, no guarantees, and no integrity in earthly treasures, as is the earth, earthly things are temporary —and temporary will perish.   

Our obedience to God is a heavenly treasure and where our heart is.  So when we follow after God’s way of doing and being right—when we have heaped up treasures in our heavenly account we have a place to turn.  When we have need we can go to that account and withdraw for that need. 

Many pray and are sending out prayer requests all around the world, hoping God will hear at least one voice.  But still in all of those requests, there is wonder if God even heard?  Could it be that those heaping up treasures in their earthly account —has silenced our jealous God?  

Being more concerned with earthly matter will eliminate God and His favor from our lives and as a result we will have to go to that place— our earthly store house in our need.  We will have to live the world’s way of borrowing and depending on a man because that is what we have chosen. 

It’s not too late though— to change accounts.  You can start now doing the will of the Father and make heavenly deposits —now in your heavenly account.  Then when you have need you have a place of surety, a place you can go and be sure to be able to draw from.

Can I encourage you today to seek the Father to find out if you are living making heavenly or earthly deposits?  Can I encourage you that only God can show you yourself— that you are actually blind without Him?   You may think you are living out His will but you may not be, and only He knows.  

He has the mirror, but, He will only show you yourself if you want Him to.  Then as wonderful as He is, He won’t condemned you but with your willingness, He will make it so you can be right with Him, so that He can be your ultimate treasure, and so that you can have His peace in your life now, and forever.  

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