Breaking Trust

James 2:10 For whosoever keeps the Law [as a] whole but stumbles and offends in one [single instance] has become guilty of [breaking] all of it. AMPC

God is always reminding me how important it is to do all of what He tells me to do. He has shown me time and again that if I do just part of what He instructs me to do I am not right with Him. Recently reminding me again He elaborated—enlarging my understanding of what He is saying to me and I want to share that with you today. This is what He said to me. He said, “If you don’t do what I am telling you to do you break all trust with Me.”

That statement full of revelation helped me to realize God is entrusting me to know His heart more than He ever had before. The more He speaks to me lately the more of His thoughts and feelings He reveals to me— and I know I am to share them with you today.

What God is clearing telling me is there is no middle ground with Him, but many of us assume there is. When God speaks to us about something He has called us to do for Him, what He is asking is not an option.

Today God is revealing to us that if we don't obey Him in everything, He can't trust us. Wow, that confirms God is a two way relationship—unlike many display. God isn’t just out there to fall at our every whim; but God has a need for us to be there for Him as well.

That is what He has been revealing to me in the past few years. He has explained to me that my desires are His to meet. He wants to do good for me, but as well He expects that I do good for Him.

This mindset He has given me started when He asked me to go for Him. He showed me that He created me to do a work for Him and when I fulfilled His request I would be doing all of His law.

That is why He continues to bring me to this condition; if you break one law, if you don’t do what I have assigned you to do, then you have broken your trust with me. In other words if He can’t trust me to obey Him in my assignment that He has given to me, then He cant trust me in anything.

In retrospect I can see the times when was God showing me persistently His perspective and why. I can see He wants me to know that He is a real person with real feelings. I can see that He has a plan and that His plan is with great passion and cause out of the love He has for His children— and He is asking me to be apart of what He cares about by being faithful to do my assignment.

That is where I miss it over and over. I keep thinking He could do better than me. I think how insignificant I am and there are so many better writers, speakers, so many more confident than I— He could do so much better than me. But that is not how He sees it. He created me to do the part He called me to do and I just have to take Him seriously and trust He can do in me what He is calling me to do.

I think many miss the calling thing because we are so focused on our obedience being in line with the ten commandments and that’s not it. We in this time, are to be led by the Spirit (Romans 8:4). Therefore being led, guided by the Spirit is where we will find out how God feels, His perspective, His direction for the individual assignment He has for all of us — yes even you. We all have a part if we are a apart of Him.  If we call Him our God, He has a part for us in His quest, His quest?  To offer all a chance for salvation.